Greater payment options lower remittance costs.
Kiosk Locator

With U.S. Payments' flexible PaySite® kiosk options, you can automate a single company pay station or launch a complete kiosk network to meet your unique needs. Our experts work with clients to identify locations and equipment options that best serve customers.

  • Real-time notification of payment to client
  • Printed receipts
  • English and Spanish
  • Clear instructions and touch-screen menus for quick and easy transactions
  • 24x7 service and convenience
  • Secure technology
  • Flexible location options
  • Small footprint

The Self-Serve Solution That Never Sleeps
Unlike over-the-counter payment networks, PaySite® kiosks enable continual, anytime service. When positioned in an accessible location similar to ATM sites, they provide 24x7 customer access for the ultimate in self-serve convenience.

User Friendly From the First Usage
In a world of ATMs and pay-at-the-pump gasoline, today's consumers are comfortably familiar with automated service technologies. PaySite® kiosks keep things easy right from the start with simple on-screen instructions and quick confirmations. Customers enjoy a positive bill-payment experience and peace of mind with real-time biller notification. It's fast and easy with virtually no learning curve. Screens and voice instruction easily toggle between English and Spanish.

Simple to Use Screens and Voice Prompts Lead Customers Step-By-Step

Indoor Kiosk

Weather-Resistant Kiosk

1. Choose the biller
2. Enter Account Number
3. Insert Payment
4. Payment Confirmation