Customized systems for the way you do business.

Reporting is Flexible
Reporting is available via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or email. Standard or customized reports, real time or batch–Standard reports include:

  • Kiosk transaction by location
  • Number of payments made
  • Types of payments made
  • Credit card type
  • Charge back transactions
  • Declined transactions
  • Suspended customers
  • New customer payments

In addition to our standard reports, U.S. Payments allows clients to create and download customized reports through the Administrative Console.

Administrative Console Enables Real Time Access
Based on predetermined security levels, clients may conduct searches on history, download customized reports, and much more.

Accuracy Is Built In
Every kiosk is balanced and reconciled to the penny on a daily basis.

Cash-Only Lists Are Automatically Enforced
Your "cash-only" list is used so ACH is not presented as an option for certain customers.

Return Limitations for Your Protection
If a customer exceeds the return limit, they can be automatically suspended from the service.

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