Making it happen.

Seamless Implementation
No matter what type of customized plan we develop to meet your needs, implementation will be seamless and easy. That's because the work required to implement the U.S. Payments Transaction Management System is expertly completed by our personnel. Minimal time or effort is required of your staff, so you can stay focused on what you do best. Throughout the process, we'll help determine who performs each function, and when it will be completed. Regular conference calls keep the project on course and allow us to address needs as they arise. In all, the entire process averages about four weeks.

  • Based on your instruction, the implementation process is handled by U.S. Payments, requiring minimal time from your staff.
  • Critical paths are highlighted and discussed.
  • Average implementation process is four weeks, start to finish.
  • A detailed implementation handbook is provided to help explain the process and track progress.

Getting Started is Easy
U.S. Payments will develop an easy-to-understand implementation plan based on your instructions. We execute nearly all of the tasks ... making it easy for you.